The Management stands as the locus of decision-making for the day-to-day affairs of NORTHRAIL. It determines NORTHRAIL’s activities by putting its targets in concrete terms and by implementing basic strategies for achieving these targets. It also puts in place the infrastructure for the corporation's success by establishing the following mechanisms in its organization: (i.) organizational structures that work effectively and efficiently in attaining the goals of the corporation; (ii.) useful planning, control, and risk management systems that assess risks on an integrated cross-functional approach; (iii.) information systems that are defined and aligned with an information technology strategy and the business goals of the corporation; and (iv.) a plan of succession that formalizes the process of identifying, training and selection of successors in key positions in the corporation.

8.1. Management should be primarily accountable to the Board. Management is primarily accountable to the Board for the operations of NORTHRAIL. As part of its accountability, it is obligated to provide the Board with complete and adequate information on the operations and affairs of NORTHRAIL in a timely manner.

8.2. Executive Officers. Executive officers of NORTHRAIL down to the third level shall be elected or appointed by the Board. The President shall be authorized by the Board to appoint all others, provided, that all appointments shall be on the basis of merit and fitness and all personnel action shall be in pursuance of the Labor Code of the Philippines, except those co-terminus employees of the members of the Board.

8.2.1. President. The President of NORTHRAIL shall have the following duties and responsibilities: Act as Chief Executive Officer of NORTHRAIL. Execute, administer and implement the policies and measures approved by the Board. Direct and supervise the operations and administration of NORTHRAIL. Represent NORTHRAIL in all dealings with offices, agencies and instrumentalities of the Government and with all persons and entities, public or private, domestic or foreign. Direct and supervise the preparation of the agenda for the meeting of the Board, and to submit for the consideration of the Board such policies and measures necessary to carry out the purpose and objectives of the Articles of Incorporation and By-laws (Corporate Charter). Exercise such other powers and functions provided in the Corporate Charter and as may be vested in him by the Board.

8.2.2. Vice-President(s). The Vice-President shall be responsible for the overall management, implementation and monitoring of specific programs and activities of each department/office under the Group. The Vice-President shall have the following duties and responsibilities: Plan, direct, organize and oversee, and coordinate the entire operations of the Group in accordance with Board directives, in the Corporation’s charter and its mandate. Oversee the administration of the corporate policies towards developing medium-range and long-range plans and programs Monitor and evaluate the progress of implementation of the various programs and projects of the Group. Conduct analysis of the corporate activities under the Group, including costs, operations and data forecasting and recommends to the President and Board appropriate measures thereof. See that the President, and the Board of Directors are properly and regularly apprised of the progress of the programs and activities of the Group. Transact official business, for and in behalf of the President with other government and private institutions/organizations or entities within the scope of his/her authority. Recommend to the President/Board of Directors policy advocacies on measures that will help hasten, improve and sustain the implementation of development programs within the scope of authority of his/her authority Perform other tasks assigned by the President and the Board of Directors such as: Assist the President in the execution, administration and implementation of the policies and measures approved by the Board. Assist the President in directing and supervising the operations and administration of NORTHRAIL. Represent NORTHRAIL in all dealings with offices, agencies, and instrumentalities of the government and with all persons and entities, public or private, domestic or foreign, in the absence of the President. Oversee the development of the corporate plan and ensure consistency of performance with set targets and goals.

8.2.3. General Counsel. The General Counsel (AVP Legal) shall act as the Chief Legal Counsel of NORTHRAIL and shall perform the following duties and responsibilities: Formulate plans, programs, policies and procedures for the prompt, expeditious and just disposition of administrative cases. Formulate plans, procedures for the proper legal documentation of all NORTHRAIL transactions. Undertake the final review of all opinions, contracts and other legal documents prepared by the staff. Formulate plans, policies and procedures on all matters concerning legal research, opinion writing and classification of legal information. Handle complicated legal problems affecting NORTHRAIL. Decide courses of actions to be taken in actual or impending litigations. Review and approve evidence and pleadings to be filed/submitted in court. Administer the formulation and drafting of contracts and other corporate documents. Formulate operating plans for effective litigation proceedings. Review all corporate policies and/or revisions, pleadings and contracts, modifications prepared by the Legal Counsel